shoe vending machine


The concept of using vending machines to dispense comfortable alternatives for when you've reached your stiletto pain threshold.
From Rollasole
Rollasole founder Matt Horan had a eureka moment to sell disposable flats for the drunken stumble home sans painful stilettos. Stationed in popular night clubs, these vending machines charge £5 for a pop of rolled up disposable flats with a bag for you to put your heels into.


And while Rollasoles aren't available in the US just yet, shoe designer Eileen Shields has started retailing party slippers flexible enough to fold up and stash in your bag for anytime usage. Considering stars like Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman are already fans, all we really have to do is sit and wait for the trend to hit us.

From TiC.

We always care about how pretty our heels are when wore and make sure it really makes us feel proud of it. But not most of us think of how comfortable it is first! This idea of having a vending machine located at town and clubbing areas really helps us alot. Imagine the heels you are wearing gives you 'problem' and getting another pair just to replace really is troublesome.
Will this becomes an addict to online shoppers checking out the latest shoes or it really brings no help to us. IMO, comfortable is the most important. I will purchase it if it is necessary. I will rather use the money to spend on a pair of good quailty, affordable and long-lasting heels. But the idea of having a shoe vending machines benefits shoppers.